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Solid Wood Beams

TimberTop Woods specializes in large beams for the construction/housing industry. We cut Southern Yellow Pine beams and White Pine beams on a standard up to 30 feet, Poplar beams on a standard up to 24 feet, and Red and White Oak beams are cut on a 20 foot standard.

Of course, nature sometimes grows trees larger than expected, so be sure to ask if you have an occasional need for a beam that is longer than our standards. We will always strive to meet our customer’s needs. For instance: We were very proud when we were able to cut a 12x12x22 American Red Cherry beam for a customer!

Beams can be rough finished or dressed. TimberTop Woods offers solid wood beams in standard grades of #2 and better or #1 and better. Any other grade requirements will be addressed as requested.

  • 3x6x8 up to 30′
  • 3x8x8 up to 30′
  • 3x10x8 up to 30′
  • 3x12x8 up to 30′
  • 4x8x8 up to 30′
  • 4x10x8 up to 30′
  • 4x12x8 up to 30′
  • 6x8x8 up to 30′
  • 6x10x8 up to 30′
  • 6x12x8 up to 30′
  • 8x8x8 up to 30′
  • 8x10x8 up to 30′
  • 8x12x8 up to 30′
  • 10x10x8 up to 30′
  • 10x12x8 up to 30′
  • 12x12x8 up to 30′

Please note we can custom cut smaller or larger than noted here to meet customer specifications. As our logo suggests: If nature grows it; we can cut it!